About TCO

Tarboro Community Outreach (TCO) is a non-profit agency that serves needy families and individuals of Edgecombe County, NC. Founded in 1982, TCO gives support to people in need of shelter, food, or clothing. In a region that has been plagued with a number of natural disasters and economic hardships, TCO makes a difference in the lives of many.
  • Shelter. TCO operates a 26 personhomeless shelter as well as a wonderful home that provides temporary housing for displaced families, women, and children. These facilities have developed into centers for personal growth and transformation, not just a drop-in and sleep area.
  • Soup Kitchen.  Among its busiest programs, TCO’s kitchen facility serves more than 350 meals each weekday for those seeking and in need of healthy, prepared meals. The kitchen also serves as a training area for TCO’s shelter residents who perform volunteer duties to assist in running the program.
  • Food Pantry. TCO’s pantry redistributes canned goods and perishable foods to those who are experiencing hunger, helping more than 400 households per month. Volunteerism is key to TCO’s success. Recipients help with food distribution, which helps them maintain a sense of dignity when receiving their own food.
  • Clothing. TCO also maintains a warehouse area where clothing and household items can be donated and distributed to those in need either of free or at a cost of ten cents per item.